The Three Objectives og the Society
 The first objective of the Society is to contribute to the development of the discipline of management by studying and researching theories of management, the history of management theories, and comparative studies of management. The foundation of this theory-oriented society was the result of reflection on the idea that studying management would lead to the creation of theories to some extent.

 The second objective is to consciously develop younger scholars in the history of management theories. They are encouraged to present papers and participate in discussions at the Annual Conference. Appropriate study meetings, that are assisted by the editing and publication of the Annals of the Society, are expected to be held at the conferences, as well as academic interchanges with scholars and those at research institutes concerned with the history of management theories in Japan and internationally.

 The third objective is to develop some enthusiastic and capable publishers through editing and publishing the Annals of the Society for the History of Management Theories.