Foundation of the Society and a Short History

 The year 2002 marks the 10th year (anniversary in Japanese sense) of the Society for the History of Management Theories, established on May 29/30 in 1993, when the first Annual Meeting was held at Meiji University. The idea for the establishment of this Society came from the discussions of approximately 30 scholars, young and mature, who participated in the Annual Meeting of the Academic Circle Studying Modern Management Theories held at Shuzenji every summer. Participants included Professors Yasujiro YAMAMOTO, Tadashi MITO, Katsuyasu KATOH, Haruo MURATA, Tsuneo SASAKI, and Shinshi KATAOKA, among others. They had a strong interest in setting up an association to study and discuss the history of management theories.

 The founding members who attended the first Annual Meeting included 60 scholars, members of organizing committees, 11 scholars preparing committees, 169 individual members recruited by these scholars, and 33 other scholars.

 Since its foundation, members of the Society have studied and researched a wide range of subjects, such as American, German, and Japanese histories of management theories, basic methodologies, and new fields of management theory and practice.